The most CONSISTENT way to lose weight

Now that we have found your caloric needs, the next step is to figure out what your new needs will be for weight loss.

  1. Take your caloric needs from your TDEE Calculator.

  • Subtract 300 calories for a moderate weight loss or 500 calories for an aggressive weight loss.

2697 - 300 = 2397

2697 - 500 = 2197

  • Set these as your daily goals EVERYDAY. Try your best to stay at or under the goal. Everytime you eat over it is that much less weight you are losing.

  • Now you will need to start accurately tracking your calorie intake exactly. This will be achieved by weighing your foods before you eat them. For this you will need your food scale. Everything should be weighed in grams and recorded in your food journal. There are many inaccuracies when you measure food based on cookware measuring units (Cups, TSP, TBSP, etc.) This will ensure that everything is as accurate as possible.

  • When cooking a full meal you will need to weigh out all of your raw ingredients before cooking. Using the nutritional label on the food will make it easy for you to add up the total calories per meal.

  • I recommend using an app such as MyFitnessPal to help you keep track of your foods from now on. This app has great features that allow you to scan barcodes and add foods that way instead of keeping track all on your own. It also allows an easier way to share your daily intake with me so that I can review it.

  • Try your best not to eliminate foods that you enjoy entirely. When you use that method, losing weight becomes much harder. Your cravings eventually overcome you. The goal is to balance everything that you are eating.

  • The final step comes depending on how much weight you want to lose. Anything over ten pounds of weight loss will require you to follow the TDEE Calculator steps again and reevaluate. Your needs will be different now so be sure to not get stuck at eating the calories you needed to lose ten pounds prior.

If you want a better representation of weight loss then you can look at the formula for how much it takes to lose a pound of fat.

3500 Calories = 1lb of fat

So if you were to cut out/burn 3500 calories in a week, you would lose 1 pound of fat a week. I would not recommend getting any more aggressive than this with it. That is the equivalent of cutting out 500 calories for your daily needs a day. This on its own is difficult, no need to overdo it. Losing weight is a marathon not a sprint.

The final point I want to touch on is the question of “What if I cut my calories AND burn more calories? Am I allowed to add those calories burned back into my daily diet?” Now the short answer is you can add SOME in the event that you’re too low energy to accomplish your daily tasks.

The real answer is I would not recommend that if you don’t have to. Burning more calories throughout your day is aiding your weight loss. Things like cardio activities are tools that we use to help ourselves lose weight. They are not the sole reason that we lose it.

If you follow this method you will lose weight. The way our bodies work this will work every single time. I wanted to give this out for free because this is stuff that everyone should have been taught as we grew up. So please if you are struggling with weight loss, use this as a helpful tool.

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